Kadho is a company that develops and distributes language-learning products (games and e-books) designed to help young children learn sounds associated with 12 major languages. With a focus on education, the team behind Kadho knew Korea’s shared focus meant a huge market opportunity. They shared their thoughts on why it is important to consider industry… Read More

Unnyhog is a startup involved with mobile and PC games production. With their goal of penetrating the Korean eSport market, participation in K-Startup Grand Challenge was only natural. “You need to have a strong reason and a plain explanation of why you want to come to Korea” – they say. For those unfamiliar with Asian,… Read More

Imagga is a Bulgarian startup that develops image recognition technology. The transformative results of the K-Startup Grand Challenge 2016 program were best seen at Demo Day; Imagga’s demonstration showcased amazing product development, helping them emerge as one of the overall winners. Chris Georgiev, founder and marketing director of Imagga, shared his experience during the journey… Read More

Hi Everyone!  Just for a quick recap, we create awesome sound experiences for the audience at events. In August, we were selected within the Top 40 at K-Startup Grand Challenge. Since then, we have been working closely with Ministry of Science and Technology, South Korea & Actner Labs (an accelerator in Korea) for realizing SoundRex in… Read More

Malaysia startup YouthsToday.com has bagged $33,719 (MYR150,000) in grants and investments at the K-Startup Grand Challenge — an acceleration program for foreign startups by the Korean government. The local startup, which is a portfolio company of venture capital firm Gobi Partners, connects students to corporate sponsors for events. Valued at more than $1 million, they… Read More

“If we want to stop distracted driving, we have to eliminate the need for people to actually look at the screens on their phones,” says PK Mishra. That’s why his startup came up with a rotary dial which, paired over Bluetooth with its app, allows drivers to attend to what’s happening on their phones without… Read More

South Korea’s startup scene finally looks ready to go international. The Korean government is extending Korea’s international reach in startup circles through initiatives like its fintech bridge with the UK. It’s also encouraging international startups to enter Korea through programs like K-Startup Grand Challenge. Seoul city government is also out to attract globally minded entrepreneurs and has… Read More

  Innovation is more than creating something new from scratch. Sometimes it is finding a new and surprising way to repurpose existing technology in a way that nobody else has thought to try before, adding your own twist to the application. This is what Dov-E has succeeded in doing with sound, taking ultrasonic sound waves… Read More