Korea has become one of Asia’s most important startup hubs. Here is a detailed look at the movers and shakers, support systems, investors and top performing startups in 2017. Compiled by the industry insiders at G3 Partners, we layer analysis on top of facts, stats and lists. • New investment funds for 2017 •… Read More

Korea’s English language culture and news network, Arirang TV aired a special report on the upcoming K-Startup Grand Challenge, discussing how it would help to diversify Korea’s startup ecosystem. Hear from experts including Dr. Chang-yong Ahn from the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, and Nathan Millard, from G3 Partners. Watch the full report.… Read More

The Korea Research and Innovation Center in Europe has produced a video where you can hear from European entrepreneurs in Korea, as well as business leaders dedicated to the success of the K-Startup Grand Challenge.… Read More