Kadho is a company that develops and distributes language-learning products (games and e-books) designed to help young children learn sounds associated with 12 major languages. With a focus on education, the team behind Kadho knew Korea’s shared focus meant a huge market opportunity. They shared their thoughts on why it is important to consider industry… Read More

Unnyhog is a startup involved with mobile and PC games production. With their goal of penetrating the Korean eSport market, participation in K-Startup Grand Challenge was only natural. “You need to have a strong reason and a plain explanation of why you want to come to Korea” – they say. For those unfamiliar with Asian,… Read More

Imagga is a Bulgarian startup that develops image recognition technology. The transformative results of the K-Startup Grand Challenge 2016 program were best seen at Demo Day; Imagga’s demonstration showcased amazing product development, helping them emerge as one of the overall winners. Chris Georgiev, founder and marketing director of Imagga, shared his experience during the journey… Read More