Innovation is more than creating something new from scratch. Sometimes it is finding a new and surprising way to repurpose existing technology in a way that nobody else has thought to try before, adding your own twist to the application.

This is what Dov-E has succeeded in doing with sound, taking ultrasonic sound waves and turning them into a new method of sending data between mobile devices and regular old speakers.

Speakers are all around us, whether they are on devices like TV screens, registers, and even vending machines. With the rapid growth of mobile phone ownership, we now walk around with microphones in our pockets that are capable of picking up what those speakers are throwing down.

While Korea’s demanding education system has produced a steady stream of qualified tech workers, there is now a sense that instead of sending them off to a life-long career at Samsung, that this may in fact be the time to expand their horizons. One option that the government has put some of their stock into is in developing a stronger ecosystem. This drive to encourage diversification in the economy was a prime factor behind the K-Startup Challenge, which brought in companies from abroad to set up shop in Pangyo, and share some of the innovative spirit with the local scene.

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