Have you ever been watching a show and all of a sudden a character comes on wearing a jacket that you think just hits your style? But how do you find out which brand it is? How can you pick one up for yourself from the comfort of your couch?

Coming to the rescue is Appiness out of Aalst, Belgium with their set of technologies that allow consumers to identify and buy the items they see on screen, taking the idea of product placement optimization to its logical conclusion.

With their consumer facing Spott app and B2B product Apptvate, they make content interactive for users while optimizing the product placement and ad space for brands and broadcasters.


Seeking out new opportunities, the Appiness team has decided to give South Korea a go, seeing significant potential when it comes to connecting the wildly popular brands with the regional market.

The Belgians found themselves setting up shop in the Pangyo hi-tech center outside of Seoul after being one of the winners at the first ever K-Startup Challenge initiative that was started by the government to help bring foreign startups to work in the country for a three-month period of acceleration.

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